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People Are Sharing Signs That Men Are Insecure With Their Masculinity And They're Too Accurate

"He was a size 8 shoe, but walked around in size 13."

Last week, TikTok user @richtiktoxic asked people, "What is something that men do that lets you know they're insecure about their masculinity?" 

This led to people sharing examples of how men will do/say some pretty weird, rude, illogical things as a result of toxic masculinity. Here are some of the best examples people came up with:

1. "As soon as a man refers to himself as an 'alpha,' you know that motherfucker is insecure."


2. "As a teacher, I see this a lot with my students. It's always about not liking things. It's not that they don't like things — it's that they don't like the social implications of them liking the things. Whether that's anime or female artists, but they won't say they like it because they think that there will be a social consequence for them not liking it."


3. "When a man is getting a blowjob, and she comes up for a kiss, and he has the audacity to be disgusted by her kiss."


4. "I made more money than my ex, so I would pay for things. But he wouldn't let me pay — as in, he wouldn't let me physically hand my card over to the server. So when the server would come, my ex would look me straight in the eyes and say, 'I got this, babe.' Then, he would hand her my card."


Man pays bill

5. "When they refer to themselves as 'super straight.'"


6. "When they refer to other men as 'simps,' whenever they see them vocally supporting a woman."


7. "When they meet a gay man and say any variation of the words, 'Hey man, I respect your life choices, but just don't hit on me, OK?"


8. "Whenever someone gets off on hating everything and constantly projecting toughness. I was like that when I was, like, 15, and my entire personality was a device to try and convince people I was tough in some way. Like, if a new song came out, I had to assert that it was terrible."


9. "If you offer a guy a White Claw and he declines because he only wants shitty beer."


10. "When he says, 'Periods are gross.'"


11. "Anytime a man has anything to say about male K-Pop idols — especially when they say, 'They don't look like men,' or 'They look like girls.'"


12. "My ex-boyfriend wore these boots. They were a size 13. They got all fucked up. So I got a him a new pair. They came, and he loved his new boots. I'm a mom, so I had to check to see if they fit. You know, like, 'Where's your toe?' to see if it fits right. Well, he wore a size 8-and-a-half. He would walk around in a size 13 pair of boots because someone might think something of his little feet."


13. "When he asks you how many sexual partners you've had, and you're not even intimate with him yet. Major red flag."


14. "When men have rules about what their girlfriend can say, wear, or do, he's insecure."


15. "When they won't date a tall girl."


16. "When they won't play 'girly' things with their own daughter, like dress-up or makeup or read a 'girl book.'"


17. "Whenever they can't take criticism for anything. No culture has this many things tied to its identity as what it's supposed to be to 'be masculine.' Any criticism of that identity leads to a wall of men on the internet ready to throw down. Catcalling, really? That's the hill you wanna die on?"


There you have it. Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments the things you've noticed that men do that scream, "I'm insecure about my masculinity."