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Please Show Us Your Absolutely Awful Halloween Costume

I want to see your worst costume EVER.

There are some people who literally kill it every Halloween, like this person dressed as Regina George at Spring Fling:

And some people who have some, uh, BAD costumes. Like this kid who went as an onion in fifth grade:

"Tried to be an onion. Ended up a sperm. Most popular kid in the fifth grade."


Does that sound like you? Maybe you didn't put much time or effort into your costume, like these friends who went as kidney stones:

Maybe your costume had people asking what the costume was — like this person who went as "static electricity":

"I went as static electricity. Not one person got it."


Or maybe you and your partner's costume weren't in sync:

our costume ideas were a little different!

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Either way, we want to see your worst-ever Halloween costume! Send us pics of your costume fail (and tell us what you were goin' for) via the DropBox below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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