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    Shawn Mendes Opened Up About Losing His Virginity, Hooking Up With Older Women, And More In A Recent Interview

    "How old were you when you lost your V plate?"

    On Friday, Shawn Mendes did an interview in New Zealand, where he played "Please Have Mercy On Me." This game required him to answer some pretty personal questions or the host would have their nipples electrically zapped.

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    Here are some of the questions he answered:

    He said the oldest woman he's hooked up with was 25.

    And that he was 19 at the time.

    Shawn was also manscaping, which the interviewer defined as "shaving your pubes."

    Then, the host asked him when he lost his virginity, and Shawn actually answered:

    Props to Shawn for being so open and answering those questions. Thank you, Shawn.

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