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    17 Tweets That Are Too Fuckin' Real For Anyone With Facebook And Twitter

    "It's a job you need, Lauren, not another boyfriend" — a mom on Facebook

    1. When you have to laugh at how stupid some people can be:

    This is why I loathe Facebook. Not only is this bashing women to praise woman soldiers but that's Jessica Simpson -_-

    2. When Twitter turns from cute to crazy:

    Twitter: Here’s a photo of my cute children playing with their new puppy aww 😘 | | 638 more replies | | No I didn’…

    3. When you realize some of your Facebook friends are unique people...

    People on facebook are a different breed

    4. ...with something unique to offer:

    5. When your personas on Facebook and Twitter are drastically different:

    from left to right: me on twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and linkedin

    6. Drastically.

    7. When your mom overshares on Facebook:

    Why can't my mom just say she had a nice night

    8. Or when your dad overshares on Twitter:

    That Proud Dad Moment when you go to the Liquor Store and Find Your Sons Confiscated Fake ID Displayed on the Wall…

    9. When your mom drags your ex because they're friends:

    my ex posted a pic of him & his newest fling on facebook, & the caption was “ain’t she pretty” & my mom’s petty ass…

    10. Or when she drags your cousin:

    My mums just commented this on my cousins Fb status, AHAHAHA wee savage Ang😂😂😂

    11. When you get unfriended by family members and it's awk AF:

    My aunt unfriended me on Facebook so I can guarantee you that I will bring it up and ruin Thanksgiving this year.

    12. Or when someone who seems nice on Facebook turns savage:

    Fucksake Shirley don't hold back 😭😂

    13. When you get called out Twitter:

    14. Or royally fuck up:

    15. When Twitter starts to feel like a class:

    me after reading two tweets that were longer than 140 characters

    16. Or when you get added to a weird (or dangerous, in this case) Twitter group:

    17. And finally, when you realize you're addicted:

    (refreshes twitter repeatedly) I can't believe NOBODY has tweeted anything for 14 entire seconds

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