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17 Siblings Who Are Living In 3017 While We're In 2017

Rulers of 3017.

1. This guy's brother, who's drunk in 3017:

2. This sister, who never has to worry about her charger being out of reach:

3. This brother, who found a way to carry a bunch of grocery bags at once:

4. And this sister, who's filling up her cooler without lifting a finger:

5. This brother, whose header/avi are perfectly aligned:

6. And this sister, whose phone is mounted in her flip flops for prime viewing experience:

7. This brother, who has mastered the art of condiment dipping:

we're all living in 2017 while my brother is living in 3017

8. And this sister, who did this:

My 11 year old sister is living in 3017.

9. This brother, who fed his dog pretzels in the best way:

Y'all all living in 2017 while my brother and I are in 3017 for speedy pretzel delivery

10. And this sister, who changed a cup holder into a burrito holder:

11. This brother, who's making a fire stronger with a fan:

My brother is living in 3017 gais πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ P/S: Ignore my annoying voice please 😌

12. And this sister, who can watch live TV in the shower:

13. This brother, whose iPhone is also a fan:

We're all living in 2017.... my brother is living in 3017

14. And this sister, who is above using a chair:

15. This little brother, who's multitasking and multi-listening:

16. And this sister, who brilliantly used a tissue box as an iPhone stand:

17. And this sister, too, who figured out a way to drink the maximum amount of chocolate milk:

Catch my 10 y/o sister in 3017 #thisisart #soproud