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Posted on Nov 28, 2017

17 High School Students Who Are Just Strugggggggling

Student: How's your day? Teacher: Not relevant.

1. This senior, who got pulled over on the way home from class:

2. And this high school football player, who fell right through the floor:

3. This guy, who tried:

4. This girl, whose picture was made into missing person ads after she skipped class:

5. And this girl, whose cheat sheet was forever memorialized by her teacher:

6. This guy, who had a rough start to prom:

7. This girl, who's struggling to make friends:

8. This younger sister, who is struggling to hide her weed from her parents:

9. This gym class hero:

10. This guy, who actually has to fill out this application to date/go to prom with his girlfriend:

11. And this student, whose teacher thinks very little of them:

12. This guy, who took a long nap, woke up, and thought it was the morning.

13. This student, who was given this award:

14. And these students, who were put on the wall of shame:

15. This guy, who was called out on his paper:

16. And this girl, who was just trying to be nice:

17. And last but not least, this guy, who may have graduated, but still failed:

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