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    Updated on Aug 7, 2018. Posted on Jul 14, 2018

    17 Dads Who Are Just Hilarious Assholes

    "Find a girl with an embarrassing tattoo and marry her. She knows how to make bad decisions and stick with them." — a dad's advice

    DISCLAIMER: When I say asshole, I mean it in a more "you're a savage" way. Also, I'm saying you're funny, so don't get mad!


    1. This dad isn't raising any sore losers:

    2. This dad crossed out the parts of a card that didn't apply to his daughter:

    Like he's done every year, my dad has crossed out the passages that he doesn't feel apply to me in my birthday card.

    3. This father out-millennialed his son and subtweeted him:

    4. This dad had the best comeback:

    5. And this dad had the best, shadiest advice:

    6. This dad gave zero fucks about playing favorites to BOTH sons:

    7. This dad tweeted his son's fake ID on the liquor store's Wall of Shame:

    8. This dad pretended to be the prime minister of Morocco to get a dinner reservation:

    My dad wanted to make a reservation at a restaurant and they told him that they were completely booked, minutes later he called back claiming to be the prime minister of Morocco..... we got the best table in the place and the chef answer him to sign a plate and take a pic w him😭

    9. This dad did this to his daughter while she was getting proposed to:

    10. This dad decided to party instead of help his daughter move into school:

    my mom, sister and i were unpacking in my dorm and my dad sent us this

    11. This dad filmed the wrong girl at his daughter's graduation:

    My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the isle at my graduation 😂😂😂 sums up my Dad 😩🎓

    12. And this dad doesn't care that much about his daughter's scholarship:

    priorities Me: is getting interviewed after winning a scholarship My dad: taking a selfie with Ronald McDonald

    13. This dad taunted his daughter, who got her phone taken away:

    So my friend got her phone taken away and her dad slid this under her door

    14. This dad had an iconic comment on his wife's Facebook post:

    15. And this dad jokingly shaded his wife:

    16. This dad discovered Venmo and is now petty AF:

    17. And finally, this dad completely owned his son: