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14 Servers Who Didn't Let Crappy Tippers Get Away With It

Here's a tip: TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're a server, bartender, or anyone who relies on tips, you know how infuriating it can be to get a bad tip — or even no tip at all. Well, some servers just take it and move on to the next table/customer.

A waitress looking at her tip with confused look on her face

BUT...some, like these people, get back at these shitty tippers one way or another! In fact, here are just a few examples to prove my point:

1. This server, who served this iconic line:

So today I got tipped 78 cents on a $125 bill and I actually ran after the guys and gave them the change back and said “You need this more than me apparently” LOL @ MY LIFE

2. This server, who called out the bad tipper in front of everyone:

@ChrisCrocker Some young kween tipped me .99 cents and had the biggest smile when I realized it was all in change. I was so pissed I chased the little bitch down and told him he forgot his change in front of everyone. .99 isn’t a tip it’s an insult. PERIOD.

3. This spiteful server, LOL:

Lol I remember this one time I served this girl & she slipped me a very OBVIOUS fake ID. I didn’t care, so I laughed & let her drink. This bitch tipped me $3 on a $52 check. Next time she came in, I had her 86’d from our restaurant. Lol. Don’t tip shitty please. WE REMEMBER YOU🥰

Twitter: @__rachooooo

4. This server, who returned the tip:

@combatrrrock It's really not. My friend was tipped two cents once. She chased the couple down and gave it back to them.

5. This server, who texted the guy (who left his number) and called him out:

6. This server, who did the "return it, smile, and walk away" technique:

My last table. A couple & a baby; said i was so nice and everything was perfect....tipped me 72 cents.i gave it back & said "thats keep it" & smiled & walked away.👍

7. This person, who threw the change at the bad tipper:

One time this lady left me a tip of hella quarters yo. Hella fucking quarters. Her EXTRA ass left a note that said “Be faster next time” 🤬 she had just walked out the door so I came out behind her and threw the quarters back at her lmao my manager was not pleased

8. This server, who gave this couple the sarcastic treatment:

I waited on a couple who left me $0 on a $50 bill tonight so I chased them out of the restaurant to “kindly” thank them for their generous tip :-)) (also they were really freaking rude & disrespectful so fuk them)

9. This server, who sent a follow-up request:

@holdenaray One time a guy left me his number and tipped almost nothing so I texted him my venmo 😂

Twitter: @kathleenmakay

10. This clever server's reply:

one time I waited on this really cute guy and he left his phone number on the receipt but barely tipped me 10% so i texted that mf and said “you forgot something at the restaurant” and he said “what did I forget?” and I said “the rest of my tip” and blocked him LMAOOO

Twitter: @han_taylor98

11. This slow, gradual form of returning the "tip":

@GiveMeYourTeeth One time this lady didn’t tip me despite good service, then got insulting about it on top of things and chased me down for fourteen cents in change. I dropped the change in front of her one penny at a time so she had to catch each one before it rolled away.

Twitter: @dbhfiction

12. This person who told the bad tipper's parents:

One time a guy I know was trying to impress his friends and picked up their whole bar tab and only tipped me $5 on over $100 so I told his parents and he hasn’t been seen in public since

Twitter: @methell_5

13. This benign revenge:

14. And lastly, this questionable revenge, OMG:

One time these people tipped me $2 on $300 and forgot their card so I threw it away. They came back looking for it and asked me to check the trash cans. I said “nah but u can”. Karmas a bitch🤷‍♀️

Twitter: @Ginarosace

In conclusion, TIP YOUR SERVERS. They deserve it!