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    Selena Gomez Just Reached Out To Demi Lovato On Instagram And It's Amazing

    "I wish more people were like you."

    On Tuesday, Demi Lovato released her documentary Simply Complicated. The super personal film chronicles Demi's rise to fame, as well as her struggles with addiction.

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    After the film was released, many people expressed their support for Demi on social media.

    This is such an inspiration! You’re so honest and beautiful! I love you @ddlovato ❤️ #SimplyComplicated

    Seeing @ddlovato's journey makes me realize how strong I am, just like her💜 I'm clean since March, I couldn't be pr…

    And one of those people was Selena Gomez. Remember, she and Demi were both on Barney and Friends and basically grew up together? They've been through a lot.

    Selena commented on Demi's Instagram, saying, "This was beautiful. I'm so happy for you. You always continue to [be] bold and real. I wish more people were like you. Love you."

    Ugh, love their friendship.

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