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Scott Disick Had To Awkwardly Watch Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Make Out At Kris Jenner's Birthday Party

"Oh, this couldn't be more awkward."

So if you've been watching The Kardashians, you know that one of the storylines is how Scott Disick is annoyed that he's been recently left out of family gatherings.

close up of Scott

He's voiced this to literally everyone in the family, and their defense is always that they don't want to make things uncomfortable between him and his ex Kourtney Kardashian, who's newly engaged to Travis Barker.

Kourtney and Travis on the red carpet

Well, in this week's episode, Kourt gives Kris Jenner the go-ahead to invite Scott to her birthday party.

close up of Kris Jenner

The party (which Ellen attended????) immediately got awkward when Scott walked in. Besides Kris, the first people he greeted — yup, Kourt and Travis.

Scott saying hi to Travis and Kourt

"Hey guys," Scott said to the couple, before congratulating and hugging them both.

Scott and Travis hugging

"To be in the same room together is not a bad thing," Kourtney said in her confessional. "It's a great first step for everyone, and it will take time to really figure out what makes sense."

Kourt and Scott hugging

"It's so awkward for the other siblings involved," Khloé said in her confessional. "It's like we're always ignoring this elephant in the room."

Khloe at the Met

But what ACTUALLY made things awkward was Scott having to witness Kourt and Travis be in their full-on PDA mode — which as you probably know, they have quite a reputation for.

Kourt and Travis making out

The two were full-on making out in view of everyone else — like yeah, tongue and all.

Travis and Kourt making out at the dinner party

"I love you, my baby," Travis said to Kourtney as they continued making out.

The cameraman caught Scott's reaction during the make-out sesh.

Scott staring in shock

Helllllppp, so awkward.

In that moment, Kris Jenner was literally me. "Scott's right there!" she said while clenching her martini glass. "Oh, this couldn't be more awkward."

Kris drinking a martini and Corey on his phone

But according to Kourtney, the two were "holding back." Yup. "I know we were holding back — that I do know," she said in her confessional. "We weren't just fully going for it. I didn't know that anyone was looking at us."

Kourt talking in her confessional

The couple continued to be super couple-y during dinner too. Like, even when Kourtney asked Travis what he wanted to drink, Travis said, "Whatever my baby wants."

Travis talking to Kourt at the dinner

Here's Scott's face when that was happening:

Scott staring blankly ahead

In his confessional, Scott said, "She found someone. I'm happy for her. She's got a man that loves her. She deserves it because there were so many years that I didn't put her first."

Scott in his confessional

Good to see Scott is being mature about this. And I'm sure as time goes on, things will get easier.

Scott walking down the street

Have y'all ever been in a similiar situation? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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