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    Sarah Hyland Embraced Her Scars In Her Fourth Of July Photos And I Couldn't Love Her More

    Yes, Sarah.

    So, you probably know by now that Modern Family actor Sarah Hyland is super open about her health:

    Well, the 27-year-old often chronicles her health battle with a kidney condition, which she had a kidney transplant for in 2012.

    Which means it's no surprise that Sarah has shared more with her followers. On the Fourth of July, she posted this pic on her Insta story, saying, "#scarsondisplay."

    She also posted some 🔥🔥🔥 Instagrams, showing off her visible surgery scars.

    And here she is again, looking amazing.


    Here's another pic of her and friends with party accessories.

    And one last perfect one of her holding a pineapple drink.

    In all seriousness, though, let's take a minute to appreciate the fact that Sarah isn't hiding her scars and is ALWAYS so candid and real on social media. Pretty rare these days. Thank you, Sarah! 👏👏