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    Sam Smith Revealed Their Worst Embarrassing Tattoo, And I Agree, Sorry Sam

    "How embarrassing is that?" Sam said.

    This week, Sam Smith appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where they talked about music, their Grammy nominations, and tattoos.

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    "I've got over 30 tattoos," Sam said.

    "I'm quite reckless, and just on the day, I'm like, 'Just go for it. Just do it.' Because I've got so many bad ones that I just don't care anymore," they said.

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    Sam then went on to admit which tattoo they think is their worst.

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    "When I was a very overemotional late teen, I got the word 'alone' on my arm. How embarrassing is that?" Sam said.

    Closeup of Sam Smith

    After the audience collectively "aw"-ed, Sam said, "No, it's OK, I'm fine. But I'm a weirdo for getting that. So, I got a duck on top of that. The duck isn't alone."

    Sam Smith on "The Jennifer Hudson Show"

    Here's an old Instagram post of it:

    I'd have to agree, Sam.

    However, I think we should normalize celebrities dissing their own tattoos, right??!!

    What do y'all think of Sam's "'Alone'-turned-to-a-duck" tattoo? Let me know in the comments below!