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Reese Witherspoon And Sam Smith May Have Both Just Shaded Taylor Swift


You know Taylor Swift and Sam Smith.

John Shearer / AP

And you know Reese Witherspoon.

Dennis Van Tine / Star Max/IPx

And you know that Taylor just released her already-iconic sixth album, Reputation.

Big Machine Records

Obviously, people are talking about the album a lot on social media, including this person, who tweeted this shady tweet about Taylor Swift and Sam Smith.

When someone thinks Taylor Swift is a better artist, singer, and song writer than Sam Smith

And Sam Smith LIKED IT.

THEN...there was this tweet shading Taylor Swift's appearance on SNL:

And Reese Witherspoon liked it!

In other words:

Swifties were pissed.

Apparently Sam Smith have forgotten who got him on stage for exposure when he was nobody in early 2014 and haven’t…

Especially because Taylor has publicly supported both Sam and Reese.

Now, Sam Smith has hinted on Twitter that it was a mistake (and since unliked it), but Reese has not addressed it.

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    What do you think?

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    They're both shady.
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    They both prob didn't mean to.
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    Reese is shady. Sam isn't.
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    Reese isn't shady. Sam is.
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