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    Sam Smith Just Picked Between Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian And Explained Why

    "It's been made out that we know each other, but I don't know her too well."

    Singer Sam Smith was on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where he played "Plead The Fifth."

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    One of the questions Andy asked was about the infamous Taylor Swift–Kim Kardashian feud.

    Keep in mind: Sam allegedly shaded Taylor on Twitter by liking this recent tweet that dissed her.

    Anyway, Sam answered Andy's question by saying he doesn't know Taylor too well, even though it seems like they do.

    Andy was confused because Sam went to Taylor's birthday party.

    Yes, he did! Taylor invited him to her birthday party, brought him out on stage when he was an unknown artist, and praised his music.

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    Sam said he did go, but they didn't talk.

    And although Sam said there shouldn't be teams, he did say this:

    As for the feud, Sam wants to know more.

    I mean, same!