10 Awkward Moments From The 2023 SAG Awards

    Poor Jessica Chastain...

    If you're like me, you love the awkward moments during awards shows. And despite being a prestigious affair, the 2023 SAG Awards were still home to some quality cringe/uncomfortable moments this year.

    1. Before the show started, Jennifer Coolidge revealed she's never been invited to the SAG Awards before!! SMH.

    A quick hello from a friend @JENCOOLIDGE #SAGAwards

    @SAGAwards / Via Twitter: @SAGawards

    2. Jamie Lee Curtis mentioned multiple times that she was a "nepo baby":

    Jamie Lee Curtis proudly referring to herself as a nepo baby during her “I am an actor” speech was perfection #SAGAwards

    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse / Via YouTube / SAGAwards

    3. Jessica Chastain fell down while walking to the stage to accept the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series for her role in George & Tammy.

    Jessica Chastain falls during the #SAGAwards.

    Twitter: @PopBase / Via YouTube / SAGAwards

    4. Paul Mescal seemed nervous while presenting:

    i relate to paul mescal cause i too would be nervous to be next to zendaya

    Twitter: @ATR3lDES / Via YouTube / SAGAwards

    5. People were kind of perplexed by Fran Drescher's presentation about COVID:

    What in the fuck is Fran Dresser talking about? #SAGAwards

    @JoshuaAcks / Via Twitter: @JoshuaAcks

    For the record, Fran has said she is vaccinated against COVID.


    Twitter: @holdyourghost

    Woody Harrelson and now Fran Drescher. Big weekend for anti-vaxxers.

    Twitter: @cinema_gay

    6. Ariana DeBose told the audience to "sit down and shut the hell up" because they were making noise and not seated while she was presenting:

    Ariana DeBose and Diego Luna onstage

    7. Jennifer Coolidge hit her hand on the mic while accepting her award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for The White Lotus.

    Jennifer Coolidge accepting her SAG award

    8. There was bad mic feedback while Caleb McLaughlin was presenting Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series:

    Caleb McLaughlin and Antonia Gentry onstage as they present

    9. Michelle Yeoh's dress kept hitting the mic and making an annoying noise:

    Michelle Yeoh accepting her SAG award

    10. And lastly, while presenting, Mark Wahlberg incorrectly referred to Women Talking as Women Are Talking:

    Mark Wahlberg presenting at the SAG awards

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