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Rihanna Responded To People Obsessed With Her Body In The Most Rihanna Way

The queen has spoken.

You've probably seen by now that everyone is pretty much obsessed with Rihanna being thick. Fans love it:

I'm here for this thick Rihanna. that late 20's weight look good on her

But some aren't so supportive and have even started shaming the singer.

Anyway, Rihanna and her friends were in a store the other day, and after a few minutes, Rih had her snacks ready.

Her friend made a joke, saying, "You just walked in the store and you already have four snacks!" Then her other friend said, "Stop judging her!"

Later Rihanna commented this on the video:

In other words, Rih doesn't give a phuck what anyone has to say about her and HER body.

TL;DR--> Rihanna remains unbothered. 👏