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Rihanna Dragged Helena Bonham Carter's Dress To Her Face And It Means The World To Me


Rihanna was on the Graham Norton Show Friday with the rest of the Ocean's 8 cast.

During the interview, Graham and the cast talked about how Rihanna is the queen of the Met Gala.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images, Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Which, like...

National Geographic

Anyway, that's when Graham was like, "All of you have been to the Met Gala, right?" Everyone was like, "Yup."


Except Helena Bonham Carter.


So, Rihanna issued this burn:


Even Helena knew Rihanna got her.


And proceeded to laugh it off. As she should.


Ugh, I love when Rihanna drags people and their fashion because it's like how can you argue with her?? You can't.


She may not know how to wink, but she will shade you like a pro.


You can watch the full clip here:

P.S. Before you Helena stans get mad, I know she's an Oscar-nominated legend. So don't come for me!

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