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    18 Prom Fails That Are Giving Me Secondhand Embarrassment

    "I took Sebastian, my blow-up doll, to prom."

    Prom is obviously a veryyyyyy stressful time for everyone involved — it's literally like the Met Gala for teens. Therefore, I decided to scour the internet to find the best prom fails, because who doesn't love a good internet snafu?

    Here are some of the best:

    1. This guy survived a slippery situation:

    2. This protective dad:

    @jimmyfallon My dad had my date fill out an "Application For Permission To Date My Daughter," complete with what he…

    3. This 2020 prom :/

    4. This fake promposal:

    My sister just fake asked me to prom...

    Twitter: @morgielicious

    5. This interruption:

    @jimmyfallon After prom,I was waiting for a goodnight kiss when my dad jumped out in his tidy whities and asked" ho…

    Twitter: @yorkiegrl82

    6. This dress, which was a steal:

    @jimmyfallon When I put on my dress the night of prom I realized the store didn't take off the security tag everybo…

    Twitter: @steveenicolle

    7. This striped look:

    @jimmyfallon I got a spray tan for prom and I accidentally had the shower cap to low. I ended up with a striped for…

    Twitter: @missblair140

    8. This extension fail:

    On the dance floor, someone's bracelet got caught in my hair... When she pulled, my extensions came out too.. #PromFail

    Twitter: @anonbitchfr

    9. And this girl's date is just awkward.

    My date decided eating at Burger King was romantic. He asked for a crown, placed it on my head and said "you can have it your way" #PromFail

    Twitter: @hannapolakowski

    10. This savage promposal rejection:

    11. This failed photo opp:

    While taking pictures of my daughter and her prom date, our old dog decided he had to pee and couldn’t be bothered to walk any further than right in front of them. —staceypatonk

    12. And this one, too:

    "My date gallantly tried to carry me over a creek while we were taking pictures, but clearly it didn’t go as planned." —madelineh4659a2c8a

    13. This pre-prom injury:

    "The night before my junior prom last year our team decided to play a pickup game of soccer. Unfortunately, the beautiful game didn’t end too well that night for me and I ended up spending six hours in the ER with a dislocated elbow." —eleanorhumphreys

    14. This explosion:

    "I got food poisoning at my prom. To make things better the bathroom only had a few stalls and everyone was in there fixing their hair and makeup, I would wait for the perfect timing when someone would laugh or blow dry their hands to explode."


    15. This home prom:

    I was home schooled so I made my own prom and invited my family, they forgot about it so only my cat and I showed up. #PromFail

    Twitter: @jasonchavezn

    16. This hair-don't:

    Went to get my hair done for prom and this happened

    Twitter: @kerrylevine_12

    17. This collapse:

    18. And lastly, this accident:

    Trust me to be the one to get run over during my prom entrance fs😭😭

    Twitter: @keeleymillerx

    UGH, PROM. It's not as easy as it looks.

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