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12 More "Ellen" Moments That I Can't Help But Look At Differently

Yikes, again.

Last month, BuzzFeed News published "Former Employees Say Ellen’s 'Be Kind' Talk Show Mantra Masks A Toxic Work Culture," an investigative piece about the alleged toxic workplace environment at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After these allegations, people have been re-examining Ellen and her talk show segments. Last week, we published "15 Ellen Moments That Now Have Me Side-Eyeing Hard," and this week, we are sharing 13 more:

1. When Ellen did this segment with Sofia Vergara, where she taught her a new English word:


2. And said this to Sofia:

She said, "You've been on this show for 10 years, and your accent has gotten worse"

3. When she mocked this fan's gift in a segment called, "Ellen Reviews Fans' Really Bad Gifts":

She said, "This is called 'Ellen & Portia #10.' It took 10 tries, but he finally got it."

4. When she was rude to a translator...jeez:

Ellen being rude and condescending towards a young translator

5. When she embarrassed a fan by showing her old, risqué Facebook photos in a segment that now has about 16 million views on YouTube:

Ellen putting a fan's embarrassing Facebook pictures on the show

6. When she dissed Cardi B's Fashion Week outfit:

7. When Jessica Simpson didn't know exactly how long she had been running her business and Ellen said this to her:

Ellen telling Jessica Simpson she's not good with numbers

8. And made this face about Jessica to the camera when she wasn't looking. Keep in mind, Jessica later admitted she was struggling with alcoholism during this interview:

Ellen making a face about Jessica Simpson

9. When Ellen said, "At first I thought you were drunk," while Viola Davis was explaining the importance of her Emmy win to her:

this is when I stopped fuckin w ellen


10. When she tried to call out Priyanka Chopra for not inviting her to her and Nick Jonas's wedding, but Priyanka was like, "Yes, we did."

She said "We were offended you didn't respond to our invite."

11. And when she put Lady Gaga on the spot, saying she didn't return her text:


12. And lastly, when Ellen said this to Drew Barrymore. Drew, who has been open about her struggles with substance abuse, just told Ellen her daughter turned 6.

She said, "Six — so you started drinking around that age?"