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People Are Sharing Privileges Average Americans Don't Even Realize And It's Enlightening

Didn't realize a lot of these...

On Monday, Reddit user u/IStanPegasus asked, "What do people not realize is a privilege?" People provided some super-interesting examples about things that Americans might not even realize are privileges.

Here's what they shared:

1. "The ability to actually be a kid when young. It's heartbreaking how many children have to grow up/are hardened before they even hit puberty."


2. "Drinkable tap water."


3. "Having a safe place to sleep. I'm very privileged to have a safe place to live, and I understood it more since the start of the pandemic. Not having a safe, stable, comfortable home has to be hell when you are on lockdown."


4. "Having a body where everything works properly."


5. "Having emotionally, financially stable parents that care about and support you."


6. "Buying groceries without having to carefully consider prices."


7. "Hot showers. They're the best thing ever, and everyone takes them for granted."


8. "A guaranteed next meal. Food insecurity is terrifying. I have been fortunate that coming from a poor family, I always had food. Thinking of all the kids who were out of school due to COVID that were on free and reduced meals breaks my heart."


9. "Having a car: I've noticed that in the US, even poor people have cars. Here, in Venezuela, it is pretty damn expensive to have and maintain a car, and there's no credit option."


10. "Having a phone: There's rarely an American without a phone."


11. "Some places in the South of the US might relate, but you do not get BUGS, BUGS, EVERYWHERE, like other places."

12. "Free K–12 education and literacy in general."


13. "Easy ability to travel internationally. The right passport will take you places."


14. "Pretty privilege. I was denied so many opportunities (in performances) in high school because multiple teachers all just said, 'People don't want to look at you.'"


15. "Honestly, living life without any form of mental illness. It’s becoming less and less common, but a lot of the people that do don’t realize just how lucky they are."


And lastly:

16. "Being vaccinated. People from underdeveloped countries like mine have people dying from preventable disease. My moms mother crossed a war zone after a devastating earthquake so my mom could get a smallpox vaccine."


Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!