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Post Malone Got Heckled While Meeting Fans, And It's Truly Uncomfortable And Heartbreaking To Watch

"That's so rude."

As you may have seen, Post Malone recently embarked on his Twelve Carat Tour.

Post Malone performing onstage

There have been a couple mishaps so far — like when he fell through a literal trap door in St. Louis and had to be ushered offstage:

Post Malone falls hard at St. Louis show😳 Video courtesy of Zachary Bukhshtaber

@kevincjohnson / Via Twitter: @kevincjohnson

And while seemingly meeting fans outside of a venue, something bad happened again.

Post Malone onstage

He was heckled by someone. Here's what happened.

Post Malone onstage

While signing autographs and hanging out with fans, a younger person screamed, "POST MALONE! You a bitch!"

Closeup of Post Malone

This was his reaction:

Closeup of Post Malone

The person then screamed, "YOU SUCK!"

Post Malone reacts to being insulted while meeting fans.

Twitter: @PopCrave

Post calmly replied, "That's rude." I felt so bad for him??????

Closeup of Post Malone

Like, he did not deserve that.

THEN...the person just kept screaming and repeating, "You a bitch! You a bitch!" while laughing.

People felt bad for Post:

Twitter: @blurryb0y
Twitter: @rickycornish
Twitter: @FairlyOddDon / Via Instagram: @snoopdogg

What do you make of this moment? Let me know in the comments below!