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Post Malone And Bad Bunny's Coachella Performance Was A Mess, And People Had A Lot Of Reactions

At least we got a hug out of it.

As you may have seen, Bad Bunny and Post Malone had some technical difficulties during their Coachella 2023 set. The music/sound cut in and out and left the crowd kinda perplexed during the performance.

Bad Bunny and Post Malone experience audio difficulties at #Coachella.

Twitter: @Variety

Because so many people were live-streaming the performance, some people made memes about it:


Twitter: @ZlNGULARlTY

Kris Jenner sabotaging bad bunny’s Coachella set a after that speech #Coachella #badchella

Twitter: @VikkiKamonya / Via E!

(It's unconfirmed, but attendees said Bad Bunny allegedly denied dating Kendall Jenner during his set.)

Kris Jenner hacking into Coachellas sound system to cut Post Malones mic because of the speech Bad Bunny gave

Twitter: @okaywheresluna

Bad Bunny a Post Malone #Coachella

Twitter: @dantriweros / Via WWE

Yo con el cabrón del audio que cago el momento de Bad Bunny u Post Malone 😭😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @pongantechno
Screenshot of Instagram comments

Bad Bunny con el ingeniero de audio después de cagarle la presentación con Post Malone

Twitter: @tonay_avelino
Screenshot of a google translation

Others were like, "Somebody's getting fired."

Whoever was in charge of Bad Bunny’s audio at coachella is getting fired 🫣 i really wanted that Bad Bunny x Post Malone 😒

Twitter: @swaggerNchill

Whoever was in charge of Bad Bunny’s audio at coachella is getting fired 😵‍💫

Twitter: @dreaslayaaa

Bro this guitar audio not working during bad bunny and posty. The audio person getting furiously looked at rn lmao def getting fired

Twitter: @YoRayburger

BUT...even though it was a little messy, we still got this cute moment between the two:

We wanna live in this hug! 🫂 Post Malone and Bad Bunny last night at Coachella stage. ❤️

Twitter: @NewsPosty

So, I guess it was all worth it. You can watch Bad Bunny's set here.