This Old Clip Of Kim Kardashian Talking About Which Celeb Closets She Cleaned Is Amazing

    Who knew she cleaned Serena Williams' closet?

    Sit down and prepare to feel like your dreams will always come true.

    Why? Because there's this clip of Kim Kardashian.

    "i really want to do some kind of show that shows my life and what i do and my closet stuff"

    And in it, she talks about her iconic celebrity closet cleaning business.

    She would also help her clients sell whatever they didn't want on eBay. In the interview, Kim rattles off some big-name celebs:

    And some more...

    And even more!

    Then the interviewer asks her what she wants to do in the future, and Kim says she wants to do a show about her life.

    Fast-forward a few years and...need I say more?

    Guess that show about your life and stuff really worked out, huh?

    YOU 👏 GO 👏 KIM. 👏