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    Pink Spit Out Her Cough Drop Right Before Performing The National Anthem And It's Iconic


    On Saturday, Pink shared this Instagram, saying how she was currently battling the flu and had lost her voice.

    So when it came time for her to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, we were all like this:


    Luckily, she pretty much killed the performance and managed to do something mega-iconic before the slayage even began.


    That's right — seconds before the Super Bowl. She (prob accidentally) forgot to spit out her gum*. Watch here:

    Pink had to get rid of that gum real fast. #SuperBowl

    *Or maybe it was a cough drop or something because she's sick. Either way, iconic.



    People instantly deemed it iconic, gif-able, and perfect:

    Pink dropping her gum on the Super Bowl field is hard as hell.

    Pink's chewing gum removal will be a gif in 3...2... #SuperBowl

    If you’re gonna take your gum out on national television, only one way to do it, Pink.

    Pink spitting out her gum right before singing the anthem is the new gif for 2018

    Ugh, thanks for the first great celeb moment of the Super Bowl, Pink! And congrats on killin' it!


    UPDATE: Pink took to Twitter to clarify it was a throat lozenge.