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18 Random Pictures That Will Really Fuck Up Your Day, Life, World, Etc.

There's a lot happening in this post.

1. Here's a baby with a python. Nothing to worry about here!

Barcroft TV / Via

2. And nothing to worry about here, either. Just someone taking a regular old Snapchat.

3. This rollercoaster ride is literally so over-the-top.

MeniThings / Via

Don't worry, though — no one was on the ride.

4. Same with this Ronald McDonald.

5. This intruder is going to leave a bad taste in someone's mouth.

6. While this sneaky bastard is going to really mess up someone's bathroom experience.

7. But both are not as bad as this trespasser, who clearly has no manners.

A snake slithered up a mans toilet in last week.

8. Speaking of no manners, this guy seems to think it's acceptable to do this during a group photo.

MostAmazingTop10 / Via

9. This surfer might catch more than a wave.

Chris Hasson / Via

10. And this surfer has legs that are ready to be an appetizer.

11. This skydiving duo literally almost got hit by a plane.

Forest Troy Pullman / Via

12. While this guy got hit by a car (key).

13. These two are either really stupid or really brave.

@Eggroll924 /

14. But definitely not as brave as these wieners.

15. This kid thinks his parents should be dead.

16. While this kid thinks his parents should be grateful they aren't.

17. This man actually got stuck in a porta-potty.

18. While this guy — in arguably the most random picture on the internet — got stuck holding back his monkey friend's hair.