Pete Davidson Was Spotted With Chase Sui Wonders And There Was Making Out And Butt-Grabbing

    Here ya go...

    You know Pete DavidsonSaturday Night Live alum, inventor of the now-cliché BDE, and professional dater.

    pete wearing a blazer and sunglasses at an event

    And you may know Chase Sui Wonders — she starred in the film Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and the show Generation.

    closeup of chase

    Well, you clicked into this post, so you probably know where this is going.

    The two were spotted in Hawaii this week and they weren't two friends playing checkers.

    They were making out and Pete was grabbing her butt. Paparazzi pics are expensive, and times are tough, so we could only get one pic. Here it is:

    chase on her tippy toes to kiss pete while he grabs her butt

    This isn't the first time they were spotted hanging out. Fans snapped pics of them holding hands earlier this month.

    Who knows where this will lead, but it's our obligation to keep you aware of everything happening in the Pete Davidson Multiverse.

    That's all — for now.