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15 People Who Went To Extraordinary Lengths For A Good Pic

I don't blame 'em.

1. Getting that perfect Insta is not always easy.

The only way I could pull these photos off is with a great support system

2. You have to go great lengths.

3. Like lay in flowers:

4. Or bushes:

@GavinGarcia12 @ohgoey Lucky u, someone left me to lay down at the bushes alone while he take the photos 😂

5. Some will hang from a fricken boat to get the perfect shot:

If you're not trying to be tangled up and hanging like this off a boat for me to have a great picture like this, I don't want you.

C/o Gabriel Martinez Rivera
C/o Gabriel Martinez Rivera

6. Or even hang from a ledge:

@GavinGarcia12 @ohgoey @matthewjoelee r u home yet

7. The photog might lay on the ground for the angle:

8. Set up a whole studio:

@GavinGarcia12 @ohgoey When you need to make it look like you're laying in a bed, but you can't ruin your backdrop by leaning against the wall.... you build a bed out of a desk chair 😂

9. You might have to do some heavy lifting:

10. And be willing for people to stare:

this is what i mean when i say take a pic of me (a random lady walking by took the first photo and demanded we see it lmao)

11. You might have to brave the elements...

If I ask u to take my picture, this is what I mean. #truefriend 🌵🌞

12. ...just to get that shot:

13. Sometimes equipment is needed:

this is what I mean by “oh can you take a quick picture of me”

14. And a crew:

15. Sometimes, you even have to suffer for your pic:

Katarina Zarutskie

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