People Who Slept With Their Best Friend's Partner Are Explaining How It Happened


    Listen, shit happens — aka people sleep with their best friend's significant other. And sometimes it's a great experience (like a threesome) and sometimes it's a horrible experience.

    On Tuesday, Reddit user Sisneban asked people who have slept with their best friend's partner what happened. Here's what people said:

    1. This love triangle situation:

    "We all used to be roommates. They were engaged — I lived in the basement. We were like three peas in a pod. I eventually bought my own place. Then, one day, the engagement ended, he kicked her out, she needed a place to stay. So I slept on the couch; she slept in my bed. Worked like that for a while, I was the go-between for them. Then she and I got drunk and had mind-blowing sex. Now I’m out two friends. He stopped talking to me. She and I dated for a while, then she cheated. So it probably wasn’t worth it." —IndWrist

    2. And this one too:

    "She wanted a threesome. We had a threesome." —pls_send_sexy_pics

    3. This spooning situation:

    "We both had a conference for our respective jobs in the same city, so we decided to share a hotel. The hotel we chose overbooked and they only had a room with one bed, so we took it and slept in the same bed. There were a few times when I woke up because I was spooning her or vice versa." —thatEMSguy

    4. This hard feelings situation:

    "She was my girlfriend in high school. The three of us used to hang out all the time. They began dating while I was away at college. We'd hang out during the summers when I came back. My best friend got colder and more distant as time passed. When she got pregnant, he flat-out told me he did not want me around them anymore because he couldn't handle the thought that I had slept with the mother of his child. That was almost 10 years ago. I still miss him but I respect his feelings and hope we can hang out again someday." —PTL_Devotion

    5. This "prove it" moment:

    "I told him she was no good. He said prove it. I did. He said, 'I'm not even sure if I should be mad or thankful,' and left the room. We're still friends." —mylosttoaster

    6. And this "come join" moment:

    "They were having sex, and he and she invited me to join in." —Wrong_Answer_Willie

    7. This good time:

    "I slept with my girlfriend's best friend when we were in college. My girlfriend was a part of it. So was the best friend's boyfriend. What happened was pretty fucking awesome. We are not together anymore, but they are great memories." —hasneverflossed

    8. This better time:

    "My girlfriend was into sharing. Then we had a foursome with my partner. Good times!" —xynix_ie

    9. This sad ending:

    "There was lots of yelling and screaming. There was lots of crying. She and I didn’t speak for a year. During that year, I got cancer. We made up, and are still best friends." —Jenny010137

    10. This regretful moment:

    "Don't do it. It's stupid and hurts the relationship. Although everything seems to be back to normal, I am still a bit ashamed of myself and the situations where we three are together are sometimes a bit weirder than before. Just don't do it." —Shakko_

    11. This experimental moment:

    "I slept with both ex-girlfriends of one of my best friends (they are girlfriends for years now). I'm actually gay and they're bisexual, and we were just experimenting, but my friend doesn't know about it and probably never will." —DarrenBrand

    12. And lastly, this moment that had (multiple) happy endings:

    "We had a threesome, and we are all best friends now." —ssupermacabre

    In conclusion, if you're going to sleep with your BFF's S.O., be careful and good luck!