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    16 People Who Literally Just Fricking Went For It

    Featuring some gutsy shot-shooters.

    1. This woman, who successfully slid into Michael B. Jordan's DMs.

    2. And #tbt to Justin Bieber sliding into a gym's DMs to ask who a woman on their Insta was:

    3. This student, who straight-up asked their professor if they could skip the exam:

    4. And this student, who emailed their professor this risky message:

    A little reverse psychology. Not sure that it will work everytime, but you gotta take a risk sometimes.

    Twitter: @neilpascva

    5. This person, who attempted to shoot their shot with a stranger on the road:

    6. And this new mom, who LITERALLY shot her shot and nailed it:

    my sister finally drank after 9 months of being pregnant and this is what happens😭😂😭 I am crying

    7. This girl, who texted her crush:

    8. This guy, who tried to get with this girl on her ANNIVERSARY Insta post:

    9. This college student, who submitted a PowerPoint about himself to his crush:

    10. And this guy, who did too:

    Saw the most beautiful TSA agent in the airport in Dallas, TX So... I had to...😍 #ShootYourShot2016

    11. This girl, whose shot-shooting paid off:

    One of her friends posted a picture with her in it. I shot my shot, spent my rent money on flights to visit her before I moved across the country to move in with her on the day we started dating. 🔥

    12. This guy, who gave his crush a business card:

    13. These two, who went for it — and almost got away with it:

    We tried getting the two for one special at black panther. The manager was not having it.

    14. This one-time hookup totally went out on a limb with this text:

    15. And last but absolutely not least, this Uber driver:

    Have you ever shot your shot and it DIDN'T pay off? Let me know in the comments below!