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People Who Aren't From The US Are Sharing What They Find Most Fascinating About It And It's So Interesting

"Choco tacos, melted cheese on everything, grocery stores."

On Tuesday, a Reddit thread asked, "Non-American Redditors, what do you find most alluring about America?" Here are some of the users' submissions.

Accents and sports:

"I'm a Brit living in the US. I love the accents, NFL, MLB, sports bars, food, the general friendliness of people, the patriotism and the vastness of the country. One part is amazing forested areas, then another part is literally desert. I love it here." —Moldy_crumpet


"The free space. Large houses, wide streets, big parks. Everything is a lot more crammed in Europe." —bogdanp05

Melted cheese:

"You can get melted cheese on basically any food." —bertiebees

Grocery stores and pharmacies:

"I'm from India, and I've got to say grocery stores and pharmacies! While I try my best to keep consumption to a minimum, I love the sheer number of choices we have. To me, the freedom to choose between 15 brands of cereal instead of four is WONDERFUL." —grandiosebetafish

National parks:

"Their national parks." —@skji


"Being able to buy basically anything I could possibly want. As someone who lives in a tiny, third-world country, it's almost impossible to get things delivered here from American stores/Amazon. Or it's so expensive it's not really worth it." —fauxvol

Choco tacos:

"Choco tacos." —mickecd1989


"New York City. I've visited large metropolitans in my life but there's nothing more exhilarating than NYC. The cultural diversity, the liveliness and infinite amount of things to do. It's my goal one day to move and establish my career there." —hamsterbuttz

The climate:

"You can live in nearly every type of climate on Earth without ever leaving the country." —Dr_McKay


"The HUGE servings of food!" —Biodead

First Amendment:

"The First Amendment. Sometimes I don't know if a lot of Americans really know just how good they have it." —bloodhawk713


"I just like the iconography. Your flag is so poignant, so stark, carries such an incredible story. Your anthem is powerful and unashamed. Your reckless pride is its own creature, and I can't help but love it and want to nurture it (self-destructive as it is right now)." —patchy_doll


"Even though I've lived in the US for most of my life, I'm still astonished by its road system and connectivity." —isthisoriginalornah


"The YA novels." —Celesticalking


"The sports culture. Lot of sports in schools and the management of the professional leagues is just the best in the world." —guerrinho

Roller coasters:

"Your theme parks, being a rollercoaster enthusiast is hard when there are so many amazing coasters across the pond." —OfficialMuffin


"Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice." —twinarmchair2xarm

You can check out more submissions here!

Responses edited for length and clarity.