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    May 27, 2018

    14 People Who Definitely Have A Problem With Drinking

    Get it together, y'all.

    1. This girl, who failed at popping champagne:

    2. This girl, who hasn't gotten the hang of funneling:

    3. And then we have this water bottle debacle:


    4. And Jason Kidd had this encounter:


    5. This soccer player:

    @Ask-About-My-Book / Via

    6. This hockey player:

    7. And this hockey player too (what's goin' on, guys?):

    8. This man got a little confused:

    Crisbenzh /

    9. This guy, who couldn't double-fist:

    10. And this guy, who couldn't just take a normal shot:

    11. This girl, who drank from her ear:

    12. This girl, who just wanted a sip:

    13. And same with this girl:

    14. And finally, Coco!!

    Final Level Productions

    h/t: DrinkingProblems

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