18 People Who Are Already Having A Tough Year So Far

    "I thought they said 'heavyset,' not 'heaven-sent.'"

    1. This student:

    So I had to do something for my ceramic class and this is the results... I’m so sorry😔

    2. This class:

    our history teacher asked us to create a timeline of events we know off the top of our head. I was the first at the board

    3. These poor librarians:

    4. This office worker:

    Walked into my office and thought someone must have broken in because it looks trashed... and then I saw this little sweetie covering behind my computer. ❣️

    5. This little girl:

    Well I’ll be mf got damned. I asked Sanaa what’s wrong & she said she don’t wanna be a mommy no more bc her baby don’t listen.

    6. This single guy:

    my family: “so how’s your love life going?” me :

    7. This gym-goer:

    I just left the gym and a guy in the parking lot yelled “damn you must be heavy set!” so feeling powerful and also annoyed i said “go fuck yourself” and he said “alright go to hell then” and it just dawned on me that he actually said “heaven sent” but whatever whats done is done

    8. This girlfriend, who got hit by accident:

    I was sleeping and Katrina tried to wake me up by kissing me (aw how cute) but I ended up panicking and accidentally punched her in the face... sorry babe, I’m ALWAYS in defense mode 😎

    9. This new blonde:

    never thought i’d care about the products accidentally dropped in the shower but here i am now a fake blonde on my hands & knees trying to salvage the $20 purple shampoo that slipped out of my hand

    10. This Jedi:


    11. And same with Joey King:

    Patricia Arquette accidentally hit me in the head with her Golden Globe. That sentence will give me bragging rights for the rest of my life. @PattyArquette

    12. This girl, who got her pizza rolls stolen:

    My dad ate my pizza rolls and this is the message I get ! 😂😂😂😂😂

    13. This Cats lover:

    Just so everyone knows: The bank shut down my debit card because it suspected fraudulent activity and the purchase I had to review was two tickets to see CATS

    14. And this cat owner:

    15. This husband, who caught wind of his wife's tweets:

    16. This Snapchat user:

    Bruh these Snapchat filters Getting Outta Hand🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    17. This poppers drinker:

    18. And lastly, this mom, who got pranked:

    The mom really thought the tv was broken, whole time it was a prank 😩😂😭😭😭☠️