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    People Are Sharing Things People Do, Say, And Believe That Are Disrespectful To People With Disabilities

    Language matters.

    On Saturday morning, the hashtag #UHateDisabledPeople was trending. People used the hashtag to share their experiences with people who have been ableist toward them. Here's what people said:


    When you throw this on our windshield #UHateDisabledPeople You are also too ignorant to understand that being in a wheelchair isn’t a requirement of someone being disabled.


    if you don't want to vaccinate your child bc then they might become autistic #UHateDisabledPeople


    When you add unnecessary job qualifications like “must be able to lift and move 40 pounds” or “stand for 8 hours” to damn near every job to weed out “the weak” then #UHateDisabledPeople


    When your government decides its ok to check every 3 years if your disability has gone away. Oh yeah so amputees are going grow their limb back. #UHateDisabledPeople #abledsareweird


    When you think disabled people should get a job but you won't hire us #UHateDisabledPeople


    If you see a kid in a wheelchair racing their friend and warn them that “wheelchairs aren’t toys so if you can’t handle the responsibility you should get out and walk” #UHateDisabledPeople (true story by the way, courtesy of my middle school principal).


    When you design and build a brand new building that has zero wheelchair access despite it being 2020, #UHateDisabledPeople


    When you side eye someone using a cane because you think it’s unnecessary since they’re so young. #UHateDisabledPeople


    If you accuse someone of not taking their friendships seriously because they don't "push themselves" through their symptoms to hang out with you, #UHateDisabledPeople


    When you call accommodations "enabling" disabled/neurodiverse people without realizing the whole point of accommodations is enabling us to survive #UHateDisabledPeople


    If when you see a chronically ill person having a good time, you think they must be faking their illness, #UHateDisabledPeople


    If your first response to someone telling you that they’re disabled is “I never would have guessed! You must be high-functioning then, right?” #UHateDisabledPeople


    When you try and re-frame a disabled person trying to get their basic rights acknowledged as “privileged people attacking minimum-wage workers” #UHateDisabledPeople


    If you demand someone's personal medical history so you can decide if they're "disabled enough" based on your own arbitrary guidelines, #UHateDisabledPeople


    If you think disability is just a matter of laziness, #UHateDisabledPeople.


    If you don't like deaf children interacting with each others because you are scared they might develop a home sign system on their own, #UHateDisabledPeople


    If you use patronizing language to talk about/to disabled folks ("special", "differently abled", etc.) after we specifically tell you to refer to us as disabled ppl, #UHateDisabledPeople


    i know #UHateDisabledPeople when the r word is in your everyday vocabulary

    In conclusion, people need to realize their words and actions matter.

    Roc Nation

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