People Are Sharing Hygiene Tips They Wished More People Followed And It's Important

    Some people really need these.

    On Saturday, Reddit user u/Harley_mary asked, "What's a hygiene tip that you think is underused and you wish more people knew?" People came through with some A+ examples that, frankly, a lot of people could benefit from doing.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "Wash the inside of your butt crack."


    2. "For those with glasses, wipe them down at the end of every day — at least every part that touches your face. Your facial skin will start to clear up all over."


    3. "Brush your tongue! It will significantly reduce bad breath."


    4. "Clean your piercings. Stank builds up in those holes!"


    5. "Not every scent is compatible with every body. The scent on YOU may not work well."


    6. "Uncircumcised men: Pull your foreskin back to also properly wash the tip of your whip."


    7. "Wash your hands before sex and before masturbating, too."


    8. "Deodorant should be used after you shower, not when you're already sweaty."


    9. "MOISTURIZE YOUR NECK! So many people with a skincare routine ignore their neck for some weird reason."


    10. "If you ever forget deodorant, hand sanitizer works to get rid of the B.O. for a little while."


    11. "Clean out your belly button, please. Sincerely, an OR nurse who has to clean it after you’re asleep, before being able to clean your abdomen for surgery prep. Please."


    12. "If someone offers you a piece of gum while you are talking, take the gum and say thank you. It usually means your breath stinks."


    13. "It’s a lot easier to avoid razor burn using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream."


    14. "Aftershave isn’t about smelling nice. A good aftershave with witch hazel, aloe, alum, etc. will help your skin heal and prevent razor bumps."


    15. "Actually scrub your scalp in the shower, it's skin and it needs to get clean. It stinks if you don't."


    16. "If you get sick, change your toothbrush. Bacteria and germs can live in the bristles."


    17. "Always be on top of laundry. Don't let the clothes sit in the washer too long, or they'll have a mildew-y smell."


    Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!