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People Are Sharing Things People Should Stop Doing At Weddings, And Their Examples Are Controversial

If the invite says no kids, then don't bring your kids...

I feel like everyone has strong opinions about weddings, wedding etiquette, and just generally everything wedding-related. So when Reddit user u/fisch09 and @HashtagRoundup asked what they wished everyone would stop doing at weddings, people had some answers readdddy!

a wedding party gathered at a dinner table

Here's what people — from what the brides, grooms, and more — should stop doing:

1. "Clinking silverware on glasses to get the couple to kiss."


2. "Ugh, the tired, boring lame best man and maid of honor speeches. 'We've known each other since grade school when we were playing cars/barbies. Now this great person has come to take you away from me. But I can see from how you look at each other, this is meant to be.' Even worse is when they try to insert some inside joke that only they'll understand in a room fucking full of people there to celebrate together."


3. "The cool/cute/creative/generally unusual first dance. It's lame ass. No one but the couple is entertained by it."


people circling the bride and groom as they dance

4. "Playing Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' when it's time for the bouquet toss. Cliché."


5. "The chicken dance at weddings."


the groom and wedding guest taking a selfie

6. "A proposal. I've heard about people proposing at other people's wedding ceremonies or receptions. If you don't have permission from the bride/groom, DON'T DO IT because it's THEIR day, not yours."

Neurotic Workaholic

7. "Over-drinking. Unfortunately, I've seen too many mass brawls at the end because of drinking and drama."

nollaig kelly

bride and groom with a sparker

8. "Choreographed, cutesy skits, flash mobs, dance routines, etc. I'd nope out of wedding party that wanted that from me. And they're boring to watch as a guest, and usually excruciating."


9. "When the mother of the groom is drunk and makes a toast just to insult the bride."


10. "People who call out during the speeches. Drives me bonkers! If you were that funny, they would have asked you to speak. They clearly didn’t, so shut your yap!"


someone making a speech

11. "Announcing your pregnancy at someone ELSE's wedding. It's not your moment!"


12. "Don't serve food that's on a buffet that isn't labeled! Almost ate something that I was allergic to at a wedding because it wasn't labeled and the food was served in a room that was dimly lit."


a buffet table of food

13. "Don't bring your awful kids when you have been specifically asked not to or they invite says no children."


14. "Don't come over and take your own pics while the designated photographer is doing the staged shots. I have too many pics of my wedding party all looking in different directions. Once my photographer realized what was going on he asked everyone not getting their pictures by him taken to leave."



a wedding group taking a selfie with the bride

16. "Stop the smashing of the cake in each other's faces. JUST. STOP. IT."


17. "Don't be an ass to the waitstaff/bartender. Especially don't yell at them because the bar isn't serving the 'right' type of alcohol. If you have an issue with that, talk to the bride and groom. Sincerely, A Former Events Server."


And lastly:

18. "Someone shouldn't wear white if you do not ask them first."


What do YOU think? Do you agree? Disagree? Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

Responses edited for length/clarity/context.