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    People Are Sharing The "Dirty Little Secrets" Of Their Jobs And It's Why I Have Trust Issues

    Featuring pilots, lab testers, coders, and more.

    Have you ever wondered what people do at their jobs that they wouldn't dare to tell their bosses and managers β€” the sketchy, unethical, bizarre things they do behind the scenes?

    Well on Saturday, Reddit user @HouseGraham asked people to spill some dirt on the ~interesting~ things they do at their jobs. Here's what they said:


    "I work in a pharmacy. Yes, we drop some of your pills on the floor, and yes, we put them back in your bottles." β€” Johannes--Factotum

    Lab testing scientists:

    "I work in a medical lab. I see people touch everything without gloves ALL THE TIME. I also see people use their phones with gloves on ALL THE TIME." β€” lady_laughs_too_much


    "In many cases, your boss hired us because he doesn't trust your ability to do the job. We will go talk to you, take your ideas, package them nicely, and present them to your boss. And charge your company a small fortune while doing this. If your boss realized that you really are competent, we'd be out of work." β€” Count2Zero

    Military members:

    "People in the military make wasting time an art form. The sheer amount of hours we spend getting compensated by taxpayers to do absolutely nothing is astonishing." β€” appa-ate-momo

    Health insurance workers:

    "The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If we refused to cover something for you, complain. File a complaint with the Department of Insurance in your state." β€” Holaroooo

    Software engineers:

    "The code behind the software/application you’re using is an absolute mess." β€” baller5

    Rehab workers:

    "I work in a drug and alcohol rehab. Before laws changed, there were people that would go to known drug use places (alleys, motels, under bridges, etc.), ask who was a drug user, and if they had health insurance. If they did and it was a 'good' policy, this head hunter would call a rehab they were working with, put them in an Uber, and offer the drug user x amount of money if they stayed x amount of days in treatment." β€” cocostandoff

    Pilots/aircraft staff:

    "We carry a lot of bovine semen in the cargo hold of our planes." β€” mr_ent

    Construction workers:

    "Never look behind the walls, in the ceilings, or in any crawl spaces or otherwise tight and infrequently visited places in your house/building β€” unless you want to find soda and beer cans from decades past." β€” MercuryDriver


    "If you're a multimillion dollar company, odds are we don't give a shit about errors under a certain amount of dollars. This is called 'materiality,' and most auditors rely on the calculation in order to not give a shit, and get the work done." β€” SpyOfGeneralTso

    Customer service agent:

    "I'm a call center agent working for customer service. We will put you on hold and pretend to ask the supervisor, but actually we will bitch about you. We cannot change company policy for you." β€” ditasaurus

    Restaurant cook:

    "Don't order well-done steak. Cooks usually save the worst pieces to overcook." β€” Foundingwaitress

    Pest control worker:

    "In pest control, when we come to spray your place, if you demand we spray some areas that legally we are told not to β€” such as chair cushions, couches, etc. β€” we’ll straight up fake it and throw in some fancy chemical words to make it sound like we did." β€” TerrificTenor


    "If you call a drain cleaner to clear your bathtub and all it is just a bit of hair right on the strainer, he will probably just run the snake for 10 minutes to sound busy and charge you full price." β€” DerpWilson

    So what's your job's dirty little secret? Let me know in the comments below!