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    People Are Confessing Things That Make Them Seem Like They Aren't Even Humans, And It's Not For The Faint Of Heart


    This week, there've been a number of "revoke your x card" confessions threads on Twitter. Basically, it means "share a confession that people will probably judge you for."


    People have done confessions that revoke your Selenator card, Zendaya stan card, Friends fan card, and more

    Here are some confessions people shared when user @HOPE3VA asked about general human confessions that might just have you side-eyeing a few times.

    confessions that can revoke ya human card ...


    i ate watch batteries a lot when i was like 5 (these)


    New born babies are ugly and look the same!!!


    i bark unprovoked


    i heat my cereal up


    I leave tea bags in my tea and then suck them🙃


    @HOPE43VA One time when I was little, my mom forced me to go to church, and I didn’t wanna go to church so I was mad. So basically I tell myself that I was possessed, that satan was inside of me. So I was sitting looking at me candles very intensive to cause a fire, so I could go home


    @HOPE43VA i used to collect bugs, spiders & cockroaches as a kid – i give them names and all that! one time when i was 6, i was so curious if cockroaches & spiders could make a BABY COCKDER i was so fucking curious that i put the cockroach & spider in one box! the spider ate the cockroach


    @HOPE43VA my siblings and i once made literal caterpillar soup using like 50 caterpillars like we grinded that sht up 🥰


    @HOPE43VA this is not a real extreme confession but sometimes i feel bad for objects??? like for example i got new clothes and then i take almost all of them to bring up stairs and then i look at the dress that i didnt like that much and i feel bad so i take it with me too


    @HOPE43VA i pull my hair out and use it as floss after i eat chicken or sum


    @HOPE43VA in the fourth grade i made a business where i picked people’s noses for them in exchange for money or candy. i’m not proud, but desperate times called for desperate measures


    @HOPE43VA i put a pebble in my ear in 1st grade and that mf still in there....i’m a junior now and it moves around, i tried to take it out with screwdriver but it didn’t work❤️


    tw // food i used to eat the bubblegum that were left below the tables ... like i thought it was free gum. and i ate paper nd dirt too


    @HOPE43VA i eat tater tots w cream cheese & tuna w hot cheetos


    @HOPE43VA When I was 5(or 6) I fell down a hill and some of my knee meat came off. I wasn’t supposed to be outside and I heard my mom coming so I ate it and covered my knee

    In conclusion...


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