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Frequent Flyers Are Sharing Flying Etiquette That People Often Don't Follow And It's Eye-Opening

For the love of God, put your shoes back on at a designated bench.

Obvi, it's vacation season right now. But even though it's 2022, people still do not follow common flying etiquette. Well, there's help if you're one of those reading this post. Reddit user u/KaylamityJane asked, "Frequent flyers of Reddit, what's basic etiquette for flying that most people don't know/follow?"

a busy airport

Here's what they said:

1. "Before going through security, please don't wear a million pieces of jewelry. It takes forever to get through and holds everyone up."


2. "After going through security with your shoes off, don't stand in the middle of where everyone goes through. Put your shoes back on in one of the designated areas/benches — or else you're just a road block."


someone going through the metal detector

3. "I’ve flown over a million miles so hopefully this helps. Make sure to check behind you before you throw your seat back when reclining."


4. "The overhead bins are shared spaces — if you have a backpack, it’s best under the seat in front of you to save room in the overhead."


5. "Have your boarding pass, your ID, and passport (if applicable) on-hand BEFORE you approach the gate."


someone showing their ticket at the gate

6. "Depending on the plane, the person in the window seat gets the wall and an armrest, the middle person gets two armrests, the aisle person gets a little extra leg room and an armrest."


7. "But if it's one of the planes with six armrests, if you have the window or end seat, don't glom the shared arm rests for the middle person!"


someone sitting and using the two armrests

8. "Treat your flight attendants with respect. Most of all flying is inherently miserable, so don’t be a dick."


9. "This one is pretty general, but from experience, I guess it still needs saying: If a person has headphones on, earbuds in, whatever, don't try to make small talk. It's nothing personal, but some people have really long days at airports. Can't tell you how many red-eyes I've caught after waiting standby all day and just don't want to talk."


a row of travelers on the plane

10. "If you're listening to music, be reasonable about the volume. The people around you shouldn't be able to hear your tunes."




person on the plane with their shoes off

12. "For the love of God, if everyone could learn that people should get out of their seat by alternating rows, de-boarding would be so much easier."


13. "When they start the boarding process, you don't have to stand up and queue. It usually takes a long time and you have a seat assigned to you anyway, so relax a bit more before your flight."


14. “Don’t assume things about people’s races or nationalities, since you encounter people from all over the world in an airport. My mother tried talking to a guy in Japanese, and he was like 'Dafaq? I’m from Canada.'"


people boarding a plane from outside

15. "If your kid kicks my seat one more time — ugh! Control your kids and correct them."


16. "Shower and wear deodorant prior to flying. We are in a windowless aircraft."


And lastly:

17. "Keep your hair, feet, and hands to your effing self."


Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

Responses edited for length/clarity.