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People Are Sharing Blatant Examples Of Boomer Home Decor, And It's Definitely A Little Shady

"Stacks of newspapers."

Recently, a Reddit user asked, "What are some blatant examples of a 'boomer' home?" People came through with these examples that are a litttttle sassy, but overall pretty accurate.

A middle-aged man sits at a wooden table and bench in a large kitchen, reading a newspaper

Here's some of what they said:

1. "Those 'Live, Laugh, Love' signs."


2. "'Cute' knickknacks on the front porch and wall-to-wall carpeting."


3. "Thomas Kinkade painting in the living room. Thomas Kinkade paintings are the easiest way to tell if I won't like someone."


4. "Covering ugly designed stuff with other stuff, like fridge cabinets or floral couch covers or wallpaper."


5. "Doilies."


A teacup, vase with flowers, and truffle chocolates in a platter with a doily below it

6. "Yellow oak cabinets, pink in the kitchen that is called 'coral' or 'cranberry,' gold-colored fixtures, and knobs everywhere."


7. "Wallpaper — everywhere."


8. "The paintings of sad, big-eyed children that were popular in the '60s and '70s. A lot of people had them when I was a kid."


9. "Stacks of newspapers."


A stack of newspapers, topped by bananas, atop pullout drawers

10. "Cabinets with glass doors, and ceramic birds or figurines that are proudly displayed."


11. “Houses that look as if nobody lives in them, and Architectural Digest photo shoot stuff in fixtures and other things.”


An immaculate kitchen with some pears and cheese on a cutting board

12. "The urn with the ashes of Aunt Chloe."


13. "The giant-ass wooden spoon and fork on the kitchen wall."


Two women at a stove with cooking utensils hanging on the wall above the stove

14. "Fake flowers. They can be tacky looking, but I think if people are rocking the 1890s style with candlesticks and whatnot, it can work."


Fake flowers in a vase on a windowsill next to a figurine of a dog

15. "All the home decor comes from Kirkland's."


16. "In the 1970s, just about everyone had a poster showing an orange cat hanging onto a tree limb with the words 'Hang in there, baby' or sometimes 'Hang in there baby, Friday is coming.' It was hugely popular."


So now it's your turn. Let me know in the comments below what you think defines boomer home decor — or millennial/Gen Z decor!

Note: Some comments have been edited for length and/or clarity.