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17 People Who Are Living In 3020 While We're Stuck In 2020

They are living in the future.

Some people managed to make the most of 2020 — even in the smallest ways. They found new hacks, made new contraptions, and did things that'll make you say, "They're living in 3020."

Here are some of the best.

1. For eating spaghetti:

2. For multiple listeners:

3. For deliveries:

We are in 2020 and these people are living in 3020.

4. For dispensing mustard:

Mustard gun. That's it, that's the tweet.

5. For working at a dispensary:

at a dispensary and this man just called himself a “budtender” he’s living in 3020

6. For cutting your nails:

I'm cutting fingernails with a scissor, my fingernails are too long !

7. For cheating on a test:

i’m abt to take my test i hope dis works 😭

8. For transportation:

We're all living in 2020, this guy is living in 3020...

9. For space on a train:

I like having room on the train so I’ve made it out there’s someone sat next to me with my coat when there’s not. It’s not even full

10. For mini garbage pails:

11. For teaching with augmented reality:

This is too cool! A school in Malappuram, Kerala uses augmented reality for online classes! And an elephant, cow appear in class rooms (it’s News Minute video)

12. For synchronized Christmas lights...

пока мы живем в 2019 этот человек скоро будет встречать 3020

13. ...or a lights display:

China no está en 2020, está en el 3020 😮😮😮

14. For charging:

This Legend is already living in 3020😂🙌

15. For using your leftover wine in a useful way:

16. For queso warming:

Candle warmer? Nah son, queso warmer

17. And finally, for preventing people from talking to you: