People Are Criticizing Adele's Vocals At Her Vegas Residency, And I'm Here To Defend Her

    I will not allow it.

    This month, Adele kicked off her Vegas residency and opened with rave reviews about the performances, the stage production, and her vocals.

    Adele performing

    But recently, I was scrolling through TikTok and found that some of her performances are being picked apart — in particular, for the vocals.

    Adele performing

    One TikTok with around 600,000 views featured Adele's closing number of "Love Is a Game." In the clip, Adele didn't sound perfect — some of the notes were flat, strained, and just overall not her best.

    there is no way her vocal are lasting through march 😭

    @__Onixivy_ / @nickoserna / Via Twitter: @__Onixivy_

    At this date, her voice did sound slightly thinner than normal in a few clips — but she still slayed the fuck out of "Easy on Me," "Hello," "Turning Tables," and other songs that night.

    People criticized her vocals on TikTok:

    "And ppl are paying how much to sit through that?" "I love Adele, but she sound horrible," and "totally overated"
    "Maybe her vocals were better in person but I've not watched a single video where I've been blown away" and "My pitchy Queen; sick I'm not there rn"
    "The vocals" and ? (astonished) emoji
    "I just feel like a voice like hers you have to preserve it and a residential showing this many nights back to back is alot"

    Others defended her:

    "It's very difficult to sing in the air vegas climate" and "Bro being on pitch is difficult especially if you haven't been training your ear leave her alone"

    I'm also here to defend this legend.

    The thing is, her songs are pretty challenging to sing. There's a lot of belting, switching between registers, and emotion that goes into each performance.

    Adele performing

    Also, Adele herself has admitted that she can be "pitchy" when performing. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she said this:

    Adele with caption, "In the room they actually sorted the problem and I'm always a bit pitchy anyways so I wasn't particularly; I am! It's emotion"

    And she's also undergone vocal surgery to remove a hemorrhaged polyp, which was affecting her voice.

    Adele smiling while performing

    ANDDD...keep in mind: She plays for two hours and uses zero prerecorded tracks, which is super impressive and not the industry standard.

    Adele performing

    So people shouldn't be so judgmental of singers, especially those who have proved they can sing well. That's all, bye!