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People Are Tweeting About Their #WeirdRoommate And I'm Not Ok With Any Of It

"My roommate rinsed her mouth in the toilet after she puked."

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Last night, Jimmy Fallon tweeted his 48 million followers and asked them to share their crazy roommate stories, using the hashtag #MyWeirdRoommate. Here are some of the best:

1. This nutty roommate:

2. The starer:

3. The anti-nudist:

4. The rinser:

5. The multi-tasker:

6. The mustard lover:

7. The experimenter:

8. The Kit Kat lover:

9. And this Dr Pepper theorist:

10. The wisdom-filled roomie:

11. The hazardous griller:

12. The cheapskate:

13. The SpiderMan:

14. The narrator:

15. The killer:

16. The shitty roommate:

17. The ~generous~ roommate:

#MyWeirdRoommate used to pick scabs off her legs, hide them in her pockets and then eat them during lectures. She e…

18. And last but not least, these weird roommates:

@jimmyfallon My roommates and I tied a stuffed hedgehog to our ceiling fan and tried to dodge it blindfolded…

In conclusion:


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