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    People Are Touched By This Writer's Conversation With A Bunch Of Fourth Graders

    "Kids are books filled with blank pages."

    This is 38-year-old writer Slade Sohmer.

    On Friday, his story about visiting his mother's fourth grade classroom started gaining attention on Twitter. He said he was there to discuss writing with them:

    And that the kids were super excited to meet him.

    Eventually the personal questions started comin':

    "I didn't really expect to be answering personal questions at all, I thought we were just going to talk about writing. But they were so naturally curious about their teacher's son, so I played along," Slade told BuzzFeed. They asked about his family, his writing, and his best/worst moments of his life. well as who he lived with:

    Though initially conflicted on how to answer the question, Slade told them he lived with his boyfriend.

    Slade said the "seemed to recognize what was what," but none of them "gave a shit."

    Twitter: @Slade

    "It's not like I ~misjudged~ these kids or had any preconceived notions," he told BuzzFeed. "I just don't know what today's fourth graders know about love and sexuality and gender and all its modern permutations. I'm glad it went down the way it did, but it's not like I expected them to throw tomatoes at me after the big reveal."

    People loved the story.

    And said it shows that kids are blank slates.

    "I think it serves to show there is no one grand Coming Out, that we are constantly coming out, or probably more accurately, letting people in to our lives," Slade told BuzzFeed. "One other takeaway: This isn't about indoctrination or pushing an agenda, that was a simple answer to a simple question, and it's a great reminder that homophobia is passed-down learned behavior. I'm thankful that these kids hadn't learned it. They couldn't have cared less about who I choose to live my life with."

    And as for Slade's mom: "She was incredibly proud of her son."

    You can read the full thread here!

    So here's a fun little story: I spent the morning in my mom's fourth-grade classroom, this being a perfect confluence of Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day. The plan: to discuss writing. Outside of that, I don't have much in common with 10-year-olds, so I was nervous.

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