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    People Are Sharing How TV And Movies Inaccurately Portray Their Jobs

    Featuring forensic scientists, bartenders, lawyers, and more.

    Obviously, professions on TV and in movies are often inaccurate. But sometimes we just don't realize it.


    On Wednesday, Reddit user @ahtemsah asked people to share what TV and movies get wrong about their professions.


    Here's what they said:

    1. Lawyer:

    "If you yell at a witness in a courtroom, you will be thrown out. There are far more objections than ever shown in media, and also, judges ask a lot of questions." — oneofyrfencegirls

    2. Alarm installer:

    "The way fire alarm systems and fire suppression sprinkler systems work. Pulling a fire alarm pull-station will not set off the sprinklers in a building. Starting a fire under a single sprinkler head will not set off any head other than the one activated. I install fire alarm systems for a living." — VVillyD

    3. Psych ward worker:

    "Psychiatric hospitals [in media] show patients just sitting and laughing hysterically or doing any sort of stereotypically 'crazy' behavior. People with mental illness are usually fairly normal in behavior — they're just going through a tough time. I've worked in a psych ward for two years." — thebeastwhatsqueaks


    4. Reporter:

    "Reporters in TV shows always have unlimited time and resources to devote to one big story that would never be assigned, like working undercover at a store in December to write about Christmas shopping. In reality, a reporter is juggling a dozen stories and a dozen deadlines at once at all times." — DenL4242

    5. Engineer:

    "Elevators won’t free fall if you snap a single cable." — WSWOP

    6. I.T.:

    "Hacking — or rather anything in I.T. — is not about typing very fast. Not everything has big red buttons on it." — Noughmad


    7. Casino worker:

    "When gamblers in movies say, 'I call your X and raise you Y,' it's not a valid bet. As soon as you say the words, 'I call,' that's it. You don't get to add anything to it." — TheWhite2086

    8. Software Developer:

    "I'm a software developer. Every time there's coding in movies, they write code with ridiculous speeds and without the assistance of Google. And when they run the code, it has no errors and works perfectly." — Frogrobelaw

    9. Forensic Scientists:

    "You can’t enhance crappy surveillance video. DNA tests don’t take 30 minutes." — Maximilian156


    10. Bartender:

    ".We don’t put umbrellas in drinks anymore. We haven’t done that since 1985." — PhreddyPhuchtard

    11. Newspaper designer:

    "The most broken rule is double quotes in a headline." — discreet1

    12. Chef:

    "Most reality shows give a contestant 30 minutes to 'create' a dish. Customers don't realize episodes are filmed over 8-12 hours and edited heavily." — christophkristof


    13. Musician:

    "It can be pretty funny to watch actors try to look like they’re playing a musical instrument that they know nothing about." — ursuscornu

    14. Historian:

    "I work with manuscripts. We do not wear gloves. There are rare exceptions if there is a hazardous mould on the manuscript. You just need clean hands." — rentingumbrellas

    What does TV/movies get wrong about your profession? Let me know in the comments below!