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    Updated on Jun 18, 2020. Posted on Jun 17, 2020

    People Are Sharing Things They've Found In Their Food At Restaurants And I'm Just Done

    WARNING: You have been warned.

    On Tuesday, Reddit user @Spazra asked the question, "What's the worst thing you've ever found in your food at a restaurant?" Y'all, the responses are...WOW. Just warning you — they're gross.


    Here's what people said:

    1. This ~late~ discovery:

    "I got a baguette. One bite was quite difficult to chew. I pulled a finger of a latex glove out of my mouth." — Flowdipoh

    2. And this painful discovery:

    "My family was eating one of those big family-style salads at a chain restaurant. I am weird and eat salad with a spoon. I put a spoonful of salad into my mouth and felt something cut the inside of my cheek. I pulled out a bloody chunk of glass." — TheCloudsLookLikeYou

    3. This hardware find:

    "An inch-long bolt in my mashed potatoes. Fortunately I found it with my fork, and not my teeth!" — khendron


    4. And this animalistic find:

    "I took the salad. There was the corpse of a frog neatly cut in half. Another guy found the other half. No clue how it got there." — gfrBrs

    5. This mouthful:

    "A tooth inside my burger. I was too scared to ask why that happened. So I just threw it away and got out of the place." — dillema_enigma

    6. And this earful:

    "I ordered a milkshake at this place twice. I got earrings in my shakes both times." — ArtisticPomegranate0

    7. This not-so-fly salad:

    "A large mosquito-looking fly with an incredibly long proboscis was in a salad I was eating. It was laid out beautifully with the proboscis fully unfurled. It looked like a fossil, perfectly preserved in vinaigrette. Like it almost had to have been placed that way on purpose." — acjgoblu


    8. And this gut-wrenching salad:

    "Not me, but when I was at Panera my friend found an Allen wrench in her salad. Like how does that happen?" — meisria

    9. This spine-tingling salad:

    "Spider in the salad. Salad spider!" — JackOfScarlets


    10. This stinging cake topping:

    "I had once a wasp in my cake. It was dead and i didn't have to pay." — EnergyCrystall

    11. This bloody terrible guac:

    "A used bandage with blood on it in my guacamole. Yeah, found it when it went into my mouth." — J-MusicVast

    12. This unfunny find:

    "A pubic hair. The server just laughed it off." — SpiritWolfie1992

    13. And lastly, this super ssss-cary find:

    "An entire rat snake in a No.10 can of green beans." — DrDisastor

    Ugh, I'm just done. Have you ever had something even grosser in your food? Let me know in the comments below!