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People Are Sharing Their Graduation Fails And They're Hilariously Embarrassing

"Hey, Mom, wanna get a copy of my orgasm face?"

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1. This cap attack:

UT had to serve me one last L before I left.

2. And this one, too:

When you try to take cute grad pictures and fail miserably

3. This failed backflip:

I have no regrets! Everyone RT this to get this viral @nmhsclassof2016 #BackflipFail #Epicfail2016 #GraduationFail

4. And this one, too:

Official* advice: do not attempt backflips at Graduation #Graduationfail *Not really

5. Also, this failed cartwheel:

6. This unsuccessful diploma acceptance:

7. And this unsuccessful graduation jig:

Epic FAIL during graduation... LOL -

8. This incorrect message for 2017 "gradudates."

I'm thinking this is inspiration for a hashtag theme @FallonTonight #graduationfail

9. And this unfortunate abbreviation:

10. This cake, where the cake maker definitely misheard instructions "draw a cap" for "draw a cat."

11. And this "congatulatory" cake:

How the fuck do you even... #graduationfail

12. And this actual grad cap that featured the wrong "hire."

13. This even more unacceptable spelling error:

14. This graduation photo, which features what the graduate calls his "orgasm face."

15. This grad, who ate the ground:

Photos: California High School Graduation 2015

16. And this brawl, which is just a total fail:

17. And this situation, which might be considered a fail to some:

(But we know it's also kind of amazing.)
Twitter: @FactsOrDie

(But we know it's also kind of amazing.)

18. And of course, the most iconic graduation fail — this girl, who fell for like a minute:

#Watch Epic #GraduationFail High Heel problems! #OhLawd 😂🙌 Shout out to #ClassOf2015 @shoboyshow #FindShoboy

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