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    People Are Sharing Their "Dirty Little Secrets" And I'm Salivating From The Juiciness

    If you're nosy, this post is for you.

    On Monday, a Reddit thread asked people, "What's your dirty little secret?" The answers people submitted were juicy, gross, and scandalous.


    Here's what people said:

    1. "My roommate pisses on the toilet seat, so I wipe it off with his face towel, and put it back." β€”ShotgunToetag


    2. "On several occasions when the one and only bathroom was being used by my roommate I had to pee in the kitchen sink." β€”the_ballz3

    3. "Sometimes I go into the fridge when nobody’s looking and drink coffee cream from the carton." β€”CabinKaiser69


    4. "I housebroke my dogs by going into the backyard and peeing/pooping with them out there." β€”Shadow__Net

    5. "My family doesn't know that I paid for my Xbox One by selling smut online for lucrative gains; I told them I had some money from my birthday left over." β€”RollerKirbyDerby

    6. "I have worn shoes in my house (I live in Japan)." β€”022-252-2222


    7. "I can't be sexually aroused when someone else is involved. On my own, hell yeah. The moment another person is involved I just can't perform." β€”swishywashy

    8. "There's been several times in my life where I ran out of toilet paper and used the cardboard tube to wipe; you just gotta make do sometimes." β€”loboloco812

    9. "I shit in the sink at the Dubai airport." β€”Furturtle420


    10. "I pick my nose while sitting on the toilet." β€”Varvatos_Vex

    11. "I like to pluck hairs from my butthole with my fingers. Sometimes I don't wash them after." β€”dailydonuts16


    12. "Whenever there's a visitor in our house I always check what's in their bag and its pockets, to see if they have good or bad intentions to us." β€”jerdddyyy

    13. "I stole some documents in the teacher's room, so that my friends wouldn't get thrown out of the school. I was quite the teacher's pet, and that's the only reason that made me want to be one." β€”Philosopher_KingXII

    14. "I am still in love with my ex and still friends with her; I love spending time with her but hate it at the same time." β€”skooman219

    15. "I record my farts. They uploaded to Google Play somehow so everyone heard it while playing music off my playlist." β€”Mantuba7


    16. "I have a tiny, tiny scat fetish and a major, major water sports fetish." β€” flippermode

    17. "First time I came was in a water jug. It's been years now and my family still uses that jug." β€”JOLU1

    In conclusion...WOW @ all of you.