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11 People Who Didn't Deserve To Get Dumped In The Hideous Way They Did


A recent Reddit thread asked people, "What is the worst way you've ever gotten dumped?" The responses made me cringe and almost cry. Here's what they said.

This post-funeral breakup:

"She told me over text. It was the day after my grandfather died and a few more days after losing my virginity to her. She said she loved her ex and wanted to go back to him." —dlemon95

This mid-party breakup:

"He threw a party and invited his and my good friends, and then when we all were a drink or two in, I was wondering what the occasion for the party was. He flatly replied, 'I’m breaking up with you, but also wanted to party with friends tonight, so two birds, one stone.'" —CrybabyPuppy

This short and abrupt breakup:

“'I’m going to New York until the money runs out' was left on my answering machine. We lived In Canada." —noxinboxes

This not-so-festive breakup:

"It was over text when I was about to head to her place to exchange Christmas presents. So, on Christmas. I haven't seen or talked to her since." —suchascenicworld

This background noise breakup:

"She broke up with me initially over a two-sentence text (after seven months). I demanded more information: 'If this is what you're going to do, you at least owe me a phone call.' She confessed to cheating on me, while simultaneously denying cheating on me, while the guy laughed in the background." —The_Redemption

This cruel breakup:

"I had a miscarriage and after his family convinced him it was my fault, he then broke up with me, also blaming me, over messenger on Facebook." —Loves_me_tacos125

This Black Eyed Peas breakup:

"One of my friends got dumped in high school by the girl saying, 'I'm so 3008, you so 2000 and late.'" —jadesux666

This romantic but devastating breakup:

"Was taken to a very romantic spot right where two rivers met. It was night, full moon and stars were reflecting off the water. Looked me in the eyes and said: 'So, I feel like I've been leading you on, and I have. Vanessa is single now, and I really like her.'" —Fred_the_skeleton

This Google Doc breakup:

"My friend broke up with her high school boyfriend over a shared Google Doc. Yes, colored text and everything. It was on a group project, so there was a third person on it too." —thinking-b4-do

This vacation breakup:

"We were on vacation together with her family. I woke up that morning with her standing over me, telling me that I needed to leave. Her dad drove me the three-hour ride back home. I never figured out why." —Royal_Ghoul

And lastly, this humiliating breakup:

"They screamed it across the school cafeteria for everyone to hear. I said, “Alright,” and that was that." —The_Tell_Tale_Heart

In conclusion, if you're gonna break up with someone, BE GENTLE AND RESPECTFUL. That's all, bye!

Have you ever been dumped in a really harsh way? Tell us the story in the comments below.