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    People Are Sharing The Worst Coworker They've Worked With And Wow, Just Wow


    On Wednesday, Reddit user @drlqnr asked people, "What's the worst coworker you've ever worked with?" The responses have me mad as hell for the good coworkers. Like, wow.


    Here's what people said:

    1. This strict supervisor:

    "My old supervisor told me to never think or ask questions." β€”mutantandproud95

    2. This trashy manager:

    "I had a manager once who dumped trash on my desk on my third day there. She said it was to remind me that taking out the trash was part of my job description. It wasn't β€” I was a research assistant." β€”litkat16

    3. This conversation dominator:

    "He would initiate conversations. When you go to say something back, he cuts you off and keeps talking. He has entire conversations almost entirely by himself." β€”inu_yasha


    4. This floor-layer:

    "I worked with a girl who would sometimes just lay on the floor and play on her phone. She would routinely flip out about something her boyfriend did and just start screaming curse words, sometimes in front of customers." β€”AtlantaFieldClowns

    5. This problematic gossiper:

    "When I was an intern, this person would call people into their office, gossip about people, and then call those people in to tell them what was said." β€”mandz_camz24

    6. This shitty worker:

    "He had this thing about taking five shits a day. He would walk by on his way back from the toilet and triumphantly announce 'That's number 3!'" β€”KillerKackwurst4


    7. This framer:

    "I was a new cashier. Another cashier asked me to cash out their pay check. I was still new at the job and never got training on how to do that function. She was sympathetic, so she walked me through how to do it. Transaction over and done, I go on about my day. I get called back a couple of days later by my managers and they circled me in an office and accused me of stealing." β€”jellojock

    8. This converter:

    "I work with this guy who tries to convert people to his religion every day. It’s super annoying." β€”ThePhilosophosaurus

    9. This crook of a cook:

    "He was a cook. A few weeks in, food started to go missing. Then supplies started going missing. Then, a customer told me that he had been adding auto 30% tips to his food purchases. When I looked at the books, I saw that he had been adding 30% tips to ALL the credit card sales." β€”sirnando138


    10. This creep:

    "I worked with a guy who regularly googled everyone we worked with. He knew information about the apartment we had just sold and told everyone at our department meeting how much we sold for." β€”fetedelamusique

    11. And this one, too:

    "At my first-ever job, I worked with a middle-aged guy who picked at his face constantly and would always ask me and the other teenage employees if we needed a ride home from work. He gave off the creepiest vibe and was eventually fired." β€”better_days_ahead_

    12. This cook:

    "I once worked with a guy in a kitchen who frequently misread decimal points. Once, he gathered 100 kg of flour because a recipe asked for 1.00 kg of flour." β€”Casey2700


    13. This rude receptionist:

    "My receptionist ignores the phones while playing on her own personal device." β€”Wolfsleeper

    14. And lastly, this mermaid:

    "This girl identified herself as a mermaid. Every time I would get mad at her, she would call me racist toward mermaids. She was completely serious about this." β€”dr-strangevlove

    Have you ever had an awful coworker? Spill the story in the comments.

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