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    People Are Sharing The Nicest Things Teachers Have Done For Them And I'm Weeping

    I'm emotional.

    On Tuesday, Chasten Buttigieg (yes, he's married to THAT Pete Buttigieg) asked people to share the nicest thing a teacher has done for them.

    What’s one of the nicest things a teacher has ever done for you? What made a lasting impression? #TeacherTalkTuesday

    The responses warmed my heart, cleansed my soul, and made me want to shout "TEACHERS! ARE! SUPERHEROES!" from every rooftop.


    Here are some of the best responses:

    1. His drama teacher created a safe space:

    For me, my high school drama teacher knew I needed a safe space. She let me “hide” with her in the auditorium when I needed to. She’s the reason I fell in love with the stage and found community and acceptance in theater. Love you, Mrs. Bach!

    2. This teacher let her student know he had a place to stay:

    @Chas10Buttigieg I came out to my parents in 5th grade and before I did my teacher made sure I knew if it went badly I could live with her. Throughout my years at that school she always protected me.

    3. This teacher rewarded mature behavior with a unique certificate:

    @Chas10Buttigieg Not me, but my daughter -- when she was little she came home from school with a little certificate commending her for 'Refusing to be Drawn Into a Fight.' Such a specific and valuable thing for teachers to be noticing and encouraging. Handy on Twitter, too. :)

    4. This girl's third-grade teacher helped her social anxiety:

    @Chas10Buttigieg 3rd grade teacher. She took time to help me overcome my social anxiety and changed my life. Then became my “pen pal” for 15+ years. Even came to my college graduation.

    5. And this girl's teacher helped calm her down when she had a panic attack:

    @Chas10Buttigieg I was having a panic attack once, and my favorite teacher ever brought me into her classroom and helped me calm down. She made her classroom a quiet space for me on multiple occasions.

    6. This teacher was supportive outside the classroom:

    @Chas10Buttigieg In 5th grade, I told my teacher that my brother and I were going to put on a stunt show in our cul-de-sac on Saturday morning. Right on time, on his day off, he drove up in his Mustang, watched us do really stupid things on bikes and big wheels, clapped and cheered.

    7. This girl's teacher helped students understand 9/11:

    @Chas10Buttigieg I was a junior in HS when 9/11 happened. My American Studies teacher stopped classes for a week so we could get a crash course in middle eastern politics, and wrap our young minds around what had happened. I will always be grateful for his bringing information instead of fear.

    8. This girl's mom was bedridden and her teacher took her back-to-school shopping:

    @Chas10Buttigieg @PeteButtigieg My mom was bedridden for a number of years and my 6th grade teacher, Miss Munian, took me back-to-school shopping. When the internet got big enough to find people I sent her a thank you note. 40 years later it still means the world to me.

    9. This man's former teacher helped him believe in himself again:

    @Chas10Buttigieg @PeteButtigieg I had quit my job on Wall Street after a crisis. A month later, my HS teacher called me-- at my lowest-- and got me a job teaching french at my school for a term. It healed me, inspired me, & made me believe in myself again. Teachers (heroes) don't ever stop caring and giving.

    10. This guy's teacher saw he was being bullied and wrote him this beautiful letter:

    11. This guy's taught him how to be confident when sharing an opinion:

    @Chas10Buttigieg Taught me how to be confident when raising my hand and sharing my opinions/answers. I used to be super scared and timid at the thought of raising my hand.

    12. This person's teacher helped them build a portfolio to get into art school:

    @Chas10Buttigieg My HS art teacher helped me build a homemade cardboard “portfolio” to take sample art pieces to a portfolio day at the art institute. I had no clue what her field trip meant until I was offered a full scholarship to attend the univ I eventually graduated from. 1st gen 😊.

    13. This man's English professor introduced him to queer poetry and became the reason he's a professor himself:

    @Chas10Buttigieg My English professor could see I was struggling and in the closet, so she assigned me queer poets to present on to the class. She was the first person to show me queer writing and tell me how important queer stories are. She’s the reason I became an English professor.

    14. And lastly, this guy's teacher helped their student's father, who was overwhelmed with grief:

    @Chas10Buttigieg My mother died after a long battle with cancer when I was in the 7th grade. My elementary school gifted teacher who had known me since I was 2 stepped in and helped my overwhelmed father do things like get me a haircut, take me shopping and never took a cent in repayment form dad

    Teachers: We do not deserve you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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